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Wedding Book

Example Layflat Binding

so, you didn’t buy a wedding book, right?

now you have nothing to lose….


This page and process of ordering a wedding book is intended for those who did not purchase a wedding book at the time of their wedding–from PhotoEmphasis or a different photographer.

The process of purchasing a wedding book is now risk-free and simplified. Whether PhotoEmphasis photographed your wedding or not you can purchase a book using this process. If PhotoEmphasis has not photographed your wedding, you’ll need to email the release issued to you by your photographer.

The books can contain around 100 photographs of your choice (plus or minus 10 or 20). The wedding book is sized 10×10 or 12×12 and the pages lay flat at the binding. The layouts are manually and professionally scrutinized by PhotoEmphasis before a proof is released. You can order just the wedding book or (and) parent book(s). Parent books are sized 8×8 and there are two choices: identical to the wedding book or for additional cost per parent book it can be a custom a design.

There are no stringent requirements for the number of pages and the number of images you select has latitude; this is a key part of the process:  satisfaction while minimizing limitations at no additional cost to you. Additionally, the book will have a front and rear cover photograph included.

You can see a sample layout of a 10×10 or 12×12 wedding book. Full spreads are 10×20 or 12×24. Click here.

The process:

  1. Follow the simple checkout procedure using a credit card.
  2. Email your picture selection to PhotoEmphasis (if we photographed your wedding).
  3. If someone else photographed your wedding go here to upload the FULL RESOLUTION files you would like in your wedding book.
  4. When the design is complete you will be emailed a proof. Included in the book purchase is one proofing exchange. If you desire more proofing exchanges, you can purchase them as you go using a credit card for $25.00 each. Most people are thrilled with the initial design.
  5. In the unlikely event you are unhappy with the proofing process and (or) design, the process can end if you desire and you’ll receive a no-questions asked full refund.
  6. Once the design is approved by you, you’ll receive your book(s) in several weeks.
  7. Finally, if for any reason you’re unhappy with the book after you receive it, you’ll receive a full no-questions asked refund once PhotoEmphasis receives the book back from you. We’ll even email you a shipping label.
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Items may be subject to New York State Sales Tax. PhotoEmphasis reserves the right to reject a sale if the photographs are poor quality or low resolution because we know you would not be satisfied.
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